Live, Laugh, Lounge! Ways to Relax on the Beach this Season.

Posted by Traci Hudson on 10:58 AM on February 1, 2022

In Beach Lounger, Relax

Whether you’re catching a sunrise on the beach or relaxing after a long day of exploring, unwinding on the beach is one of the best parts of vacation. Here are 10 ways to relax, unwind and have fun at the beach.

1.  Lounge on the Waves

Keep your beach bum planted while out on the water. Stay comfortably seated and enjoy the waves from up-close while lounging in a Kayak or relaxing on a Paddle Board.


2.  Read

Bring a good book and get lost in it. A beach lounger is the ideal reading spot, and the beach can be a great place to catch up on your reading list, distraction-free.


3.  Play Corn Hole

Watch the family compete at a game of Corn Hole on the beach. Snap some pics, cheer them on, or even jump in for a turn if you just can't resist!


4.  Take a Nap

Ever wonder why beach loungers offer a multitude of different reclining positions? So that you can get in the most comfortable beach spot and fall asleep to the sound of the calming waves!


5.  Play Sand Games

Tic-Tac--Toe, Hangman, Pictionary. Simple things like playing games in the sand are great ways to connect with your family without even having to get up.


6.  Beach Art

Sketch, paint, or drawing in the sand, the beach can be a fantastic inspiration for beautiful pieces of art! You can even incorporate sand and shells into your finished product. 


7.  Bury Your Toes in the Sand

There is something oh-so satisfying about watching your toes disappear into the white sand. Does burying your toes in the sand count as a workout?


8.  Have a Beach Picnic

Prop the perfectly-packed cooler right up next to you so when all of the relaxing makes you hungry you can just lean over, open the lid and enjoy.


9.  Meditate

If you visit the beach at a slow and quiet part of the day, sit back in your lounger and meditate, pray or self-reflect. The sounds of the winds and the waves, the smell of the ocean, and the feeling of the coarse sand under your feet can create a calm environment for some tranquil quiet time.


10.  Put your Phone Away

While you want to capture your precious vacation memories on camera, it’s important not to experience the whole vacation through a screen. Tuck your phone in a beach bag, and if you’re feeling brave, put it somewhere where you can’t reach it from your lounger so you won’t be tempted “just to check.”


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