Workout While Vacationing On St. George Island

Posted by Erik Weston on 7:01 AM on September 13, 2018

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A vacation in St. George Island, Florida is about great food, gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches and magnificent waterfront real estate. It’s a go-to destination, an unspoiled island with a laid-back attitude.

For families looking for an upscale beach vacation without all the noise, traffic and crowds of your typical beach town, and for families looking for ways to stay active and switch up their workout routines while they’re away, St. George Island offers countless ways to work up a sweat and enjoy time as a family.


There’s nothing like exploring the beautiful island on two wheels. Renting bikes is a great way to get the whole family out and about and get a workout in at the same time. St. George Island has wide sidewalks, quiet roads, and is extremely pedestrian-friendly, making it a safe place for kids and adults to ride. The St. George Island bike path stretches a little over 6 miles, starting at Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park and ending at the intersection of Gulf Beach Dr. W. and W. 12th St. There is also a five-mile loop of bike path located inside the St. George Island State Park. Whether you’re taking a family ride down to the local ice cream shop after dinner or you wake up early for an adrenaline pumping solo ride at sunrise, a bike ride is a great low-impact workout that allows you to truly experience the island like a local.


A paddleboard workout is a low-impact workout that is designed to help you improve balance and coordination, improve muscle strength, tighten your core and get your heart pumping. It’s one of those workouts where you feel like you’re enjoying a day out on the water, but you’re actually engaging all of your muscle groups! Renting a paddleboard makes it easy to explore on your own or book a private tour. From coves on the back side of the island to the open waters of Apalachicola Bay, paddleboarding in St. George Island is a challenging workout disguised as a family day out on the water.


If you’d prefer to get your workout in while sitting down, kayaking is another low-impact exercise that the whole family can do together. Whether you rent a kayak and book a day tour down the Apalachicola or Wakulla Rivers, paddlers with all levels of ability will enjoy the many trail options that take kayakers through swamps, rivers and along the coastal shoreline. Or, head down toward the plantation for access to the open bays of the Gulf of Mexico. Planning a kayak (and picnic) adventure is a fun way to stay active and experience the natural beauty of the island.


St. George Island is a beautiful waterfront town with plenty of sights to see. Lace up your sneakers, hit play on your favorite playlist and head in any direction! As you pick up the pace, look for pelicans on docks, dolphins swimming off the coast, gorgeous yachts passing by and wave to the friendly locals. If you’re looking for a route that offers flat terrain and beautiful scenery, St. George Island State Park has multiple paths that wind through the tall trees and by the beaches of the island. Running on the beach is one way to elevate your workout, and you can find long stretches of compacted sand up and down the coast that are perfect for a challenging (but beautiful) run.

Yoga on the Beach

There are many yoga classes available on the beach that allow guests to pop in for a small fee, or even as a free trial class. From sunrise classes on the beach to yoga on paddleboards in the evenings, there’s no better place to practice your downward dog than on the gorgeous beaches of St. George Island.

Regardless of what workout you decide to do for your workout, it’s safe to assume you’ll work up an appetite afterward. St. George Island offers plenty of local options for clean and healthy eating, such as smoothie and juice bars, and patio cafes offering fresh salads and delicious yet healthy wraps. And, if you’re planning to treat yourself after a great workout, there’s always the Sweet Surf right on the beach that specializes in creamy milkshakes and massive key lime pie pops!

With your workout equipment already at your vacation rental waiting for you, you’ll have zero excuses why you can’t get a good workout in while on vacation. Rent your equipment now so you don’t have to worry about it later. And then start dreaming about all the fun ways you can incorporate fitness into your St. George Island vacation!