Kick Your Vacation up a Notch: 5 Great Reasons to Rent Bikes at the Beach

Posted by Erik Weston on 4:27 PM on June 22, 2018

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One of the great benefits of travel is the chance to see and explore a new place. You want to get out and about and experience your destination like a local. And while many beach towns are extremely pedestrian friendly, walking everywhere can be exhausting and time-consuming. This is why so many beachgoers are opting to rent bikes. It allows them to experience the location in an entirely new way. Here are five reasons why bike rentals need to be part of your next beach vacation:

1.  It’s Fast

Your vacation, unfortunately, has an end date. You only have a certain amount of time to enjoy the sun, the waves, your vacation rental, the gorgeous weather and the community. So why waste any time walking from place to place when you could zip from your rental to the beach, then to the ice cream shop, swing by the park, and then home again in a fraction of the time. Your vacation time is priceless, and you want to use every minute wisely. Having a bike also means avoiding traffic jams while you’re exploring, getting you to and from your destination quickly. 

2. It’s Good Exercise

Even though calories don’t count on vacation, many travelers like to keep up with their workout routine while they’re away. Biking is great exercise and a fun way to switch up your fitness regime. Beach towns like St. George Island and the Outer Banks have excellent biking trails that allow you to spend time outside while working up a sweat. After biking around all day, you can zip over to a local ice cream shop on the beach with zero guilt.

3. Renting Bikes Makes It So Easy to Pack

If you’ve ever tried to travel with enough bikes, helmets, and gear for the whole family, you understand why so many people decide to rent instead. By renting bikes, you can avoid lugging all of your equipment from your home to your rental. You can also order the right size bikes (and protective gear!) for everyone in your family and have them delivered to your front door. You decide when you’re done and the bikes are picked up without any hassle. Renting bikes is a million times more convenient than trying to bring yours from home.

4. You Get To See More of Where You're Vacationing

There is so much to many local beach communities than you can possibly see from your car. Renting a bike allows you to get into the nooks and crannies of the city, to see back roads and landmarks that can’t be seen from the main roads. Exploring a new town on a bike means you can discover trails and paths that you’d never find by driving around. If you’ve never made the climb up a major bridge on a bike, and then coasted down with the ocean on either side of you, you’re really missing out. Biking on the beach allows you to see a new place in a totally different perspective.

5.  It’s Fun!

Biking is fun. Biking in a new place is an adventure. Cruise down the palm-tree-lined sidewalks of the Outer Banks or speed things up on one of the many trails in the area. Take the whole family for a leisurely stroll past farm country and wildlife preserves, safe areas tucked away from traffic and great for sightseeing. The Outer Banks offers 105 miles of biking trails, a great place for experienced and beginner bikers to get their heart rate up and enjoy the sea breeze rushing past their faces.

Do something special for your family during your next beach vacation and rent a few bikes!

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