A Beginner's Guide to Corn Hole On Vacation

Posted by Erik Weston on 11:08 AM on January 25, 2023

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Long gone are the days when bean bags were made for kiddie games. Corn hole is a fun and exciting game for all ages that only requires a few bean bags, two wooden boards, and some flat space. Popular at weddings, family reunions, backyard BBQs and even at some patio restaurants, corn hole (also known as "bean bag toss" or "yard toss" is easy to learn, fun to play and requires very little set up. If you’ve never played, here are a few things you need to know about one of the beach’s newest favorite games.

What Do You Need?

Corn hole doesn’t require a lot to play. It’s just two cornhole boards and eight bean bags. That’s it!

How Do You Play?

Set the cornhole boards 27 feet apart, facing each other. Each team stands behind their board with four bean bags. Taking turns, each team throws the bean bag towards the board farthest from, attempting to get the bean bag in the small hole of the board. Players’ feet must stay behind the board. After all, bags are thrown, count up your score (more on that later,) collect the bags and start the next round.

Cornhole is great because it can be a simple game played between grandparents and young kids, or could be a high-energy game between adult siblings with the aid of a few adult beverages. It’s easy to play and can be a great bonding experience for family members of all ages. The soft bean bags reduce the chance of anyone getting hurt, and the sturdy boards can withstand a random rainstorm or hot afternoon in the sun.

How Do You Win?

There are many ways to earn points in cornhole.

You earn three points for every bag that goes entirely into the hole. Every bag that made it on the board but didn’t make it in the whole is worth one. Teams add up their scores at the end of the round. Equal points cancel each other out. So for example, if your team earned 4 points your opponent earned 9, the equal points would cancel each other out, and your opponent would add their 5 additional points to their score, making it a score of 5-0. The team that didn’t score in the round throws first for the next round. The winner of the game is the first to earn 21 points with a lead of 2 or more.

Tips For A Great Game

  • If you’re feeling feisty, a low and fast throw can knock your opponent’s bag off the board and cost them their points.
  • Aiming for the front of the board will usually result in more points than trying to get it in the hole every time. On the board is better than nothing!
  • Make your bean bag as flat as possible before you throw
  • Don’t believe the “beer helps you balance” myth. Put your adult beverage down before your toss to get the perfect throw.

Important Cornhole Terminology

Cornhole almost has its own language, so here are important terms you can use during your next game to sound like a pro.

  • Woody or Boarder, Ace or Cowpie-a beanbag that lands on the board
  • Hammer- the last bean bag tossed in a game
  • Jumper- a bag that hits another bag and causes it to go into the hole
  • Leprechaun- when a player throws all four bags, and they land on the board, but zero go into the hole
  • Sally- a weak throw that doesn’t even make it on the board
  • Swish- a bag that goes right into the hole without touching anything else

Add Cornhole To Your Next Vacation

While cornhole requires very little equipment, the boards usually aren’t easily transportable, and the bean bags could really weigh down your luggage if you attempted to bring your beloved game from home. Instead, rent a cornhole game and have it delivered straight to your vacation rental. Set the game up in your backyard or bring it with you on your next beach day.

It’s a great way to spend time together as a family, and everyone can participate with minimal experience. Adults and kids love corn hole because it’s both simple and exciting, and is quickly becoming a staple in a successful beach experience.