Bocce Ball on the Beach

Posted by Traci Hudson on 11:22 AM on April 27, 2023

Bocce ball is a fun, easy game to play on the beach. First documented in 5200 BC in a painting in an Egyptian tomb, Bocce has been played for centuries around the world.

Bocce can be played by individuals or teams, and rules vary widely. Instructions on a simple but competitive way to play are below, but it may be more fun to make up your own rules!


1.  There can be up to 8 players. Each team chooses a color or, if applicable, each person chooses a color and a pattern.

2.  Determine who will go first. Flip a coin, rock-paper-scissors, or choose the player with the closest birthday.

3.  Draw a foul line that you must not cross when throwing. 

4.  The first player tosses out the pallino (smaller target ball).

5.  The first player then begins play by throwing out a ball attempting to get as close to the pallino, as possible.

6.  The next team or person takes a shot at getting their ball closer to the pallino than the first player.  If they succeed their ball is called "inside".

7.  The second player continues until they have either gotten a ball "inside" or they have thrown all of their balls.

8.  Play continues until all balls have been thrown.

9.  Points are awarded to the team with the most "inside" balls. Only the team with the most "inside" balls gets points. In the event of a tie, no points are awarded.

10.  The winner of each match throws the pallino and first ball for the next match.

11.  The first to reach 13 points wins! 


Want to play the 'official' game? Go here.