Kayaking on Vacation: Tips for Families

Posted by Erik Weston on 8:00 AM on July 16, 2018

In Kayaking, Outer Banks, St. George Island, 30A, South Wilmington

It's Time for Adventure with Ocean and Flat Water Kayaking!

Typically when planning a family vacation, outdoor activities are going to be high on your list of things to do. Where water and beach activities are concerned, kayaking needs to be at or near the top of that list. 

Lately, kayaking of all types is becoming increasingly popular, especially for families with children. Among these, ocean and flat-water kayaking are very much enjoyed by families and adventure seekers alike. For those of you who may think kayaking with children is too daunting, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that's not really the case. Ocean and flat water kayaking are a little different from each other, but with a little help, the entire family is guaranteed to have fun in this outdoor water sport.

Kayaking is Fun for Kids!

Kayaking is an activity in which people of all ages can take part in. Most children love playing in the water, and kayaks designed to carry two people are a great option for parents and children. This allows you to take a passenger along with you; letting you keep an eye on things and helping ensure everyone stays together. You and your children can have a fun, educational, and outdoor adventure to look forward to.

Ocean Kayaking is a Great Experience!

For those of you who have never been out in an ocean kayak, there are tons of great training videos on the internet share information and help turn you into a kayaker with a plan. You are in for the time of your life as you negotiate the tides, waves and an occasional seagull! As far ocean kayaking is concerned, the Florida panhandle areas such as St. George Island and the 30A area, along with areas further north such as South WiImington and the Outer Banks, offer some great locations.

Flat Water Kayaking is a Fun Way to See the Sights!

Flat Water kayaking is the mellower cousin of ocean kayaking, and refers to when kayaks are used on the still waters of a river, lake, sound, or inland waterway. The idea is to quietly paddle along while soaking in the scenery nearby. In areas such as the Cape Fear River basin there are ample opportunities to enjoy some amazing flat-water kayaking with the entire family.   You can even take food with you and turn it into an exotic picnic on a beach or island during your trip. 

Remember to Have Fun!

Whether you choose ocean or flat water kayaking; the important thing is to have a great time and make memories with the friends and family joining you on vacation. Ocean and flat water kayaking are one of those activities that a group of people can bond over, and at the same time have an enjoyable and adventurous experience outdoors.  For those of you who have never considered kayaking, give it a try this summer and open up a whole new world of fun and family adventure!