4 Reasons to Rent Bikes on St. George Island

Posted by Erik Weston on 10:01 PM on July 9, 2018

In Bikes, St. George Island

St. George Island is a naturally stunning barrier island off of the coast of Florida. With its miles and miles of pristine shores, campgrounds, nature trails and charming beachside boutiques, it's easy to see why it consistently ranks as one of the best beaches in the country. Strict zoning codes mean no big skyscrapers or chain stores, instead, it’s a sleepy, beachy town where you can enjoy the warm Gulf waters and soak in the culture. One way to feel like a local is to rent bikes for the whole family while you’re on vacation. Kids and adults will love zipping down the quiet streets of St. George Island on two wheels, checking out everything this beautiful island has to offer. 

1.  Renting Bikes On St. George Island Is Convenient

Vacation is all about being stress-free. Whether you plan to have your days packed with fun, sightseeing, swimming, fishing, and exploring, or you plan to spend every day doing absolutely nothing, the whole point of a vacation is for life to be easy. That’s why renting bikes makes so much sense. You don't have to lug your own bikes and equipment from home, and you don’t have to find a local bike shop, rent the bikes, and then figure out how to get them back to your vacation rental. When you rent bikes and have them delivered right to your front door on your schedule, it makes things so much easier. And when it’s time to go home, you won’t have to worry about dropping them off before you head back. You simply continue looking for lost shoes under the bed and stuffing suitcases, and the bikes will be picked up when you’re ready.

But the drop off and pickup of the bikes isn’t the only part of renting bikes on St. George Island that’s convenient. Although the island isn’t very big, it can be a lot to explore on foot. And while driving to and from some places makes sense, there are so many ways that renting bikes makes exploring the island more convenient. Bikes allow you to avoid traffic jams and parking issues, and you never have to make a stop for gas! 

2.  Renting Bikes on St. George Island Is Great Exercise

For families looking to stay active on vacation, renting bikes is a fun way to get heart rates up. There are challenging trails for those looking to conquer hills and changing terrain, and more accessible routes that the whole family can enjoy. The island is a gorgeous place for an early morning ride, and the St. George Island State Park provides miles of trails that are perfect for biking. Biking down to the beach from your rental is a great way to burn off the pizza or ice cream from the night before!

3.  Renting Bikes on St. George Island Is Fun!

St. George Island may be a quiet beach town, but it still offers plenty of sights to see for the whole family. Many of these sights can’t be fully experienced from the inside of a car, which is why renting bikes makes sense to get the full St. George Island experience. The St. George Island State Park offers four miles of paved bike paths and is a great way to spot wildlife, stop for a picnic, go kayaking or swim. Nothing says vacation like zipping up to an authentic island ice cream shop and enjoying a sweet treat under the Florida sun. Having a bike turns a regular activity into something more. The entire island is pedestrian-friendly so that you can get everywhere you want to go on a bike!

4.  Renting Bikes On St. George Island Is Inexpensive

Once the bikes are delivered to your door, you have unlimited access to a fun, family-friendly activity for the duration of your trip. If kids start to moan that they’re bored, a family bike ride can get everyone out and about, and it doesn’t have to cost a thing. A day biking through the parks; free. An evening bike ride to the beach to check out the sunset; free. A family photo shoot with bikes in front of the charming beach boutiques; free. The cost of renting bikes for the whole family quickly pays for itself, as a bike ride can take the place of other activities that may cost more.

St. George Island is a premier vacation destination, but not because of wild nightlife or mega shopping outlets or tourist attractions. It’s attractive to beach lovers because it’s simple and beautiful.  

If you want to step up your next St George Island vacation, rent bikes from VayK Gear and see how many lifelong memories your family can make on two wheels.