Learn to Paddleboard on Vacation - It's Easy!

Posted by Erik Weston on 8:00 AM on May 1, 2018

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Paddle boarding is an exciting water sport that the whole family can engage in during your vacation. It is both adventurous and challenging, allowing you to test both your endurance and balancing skills.

As you prepare to hit the water during your trip,

 there are several beginner tips you should keep in mind to get started with paddle boarding. Don’t be that person on the water who has no clue what they’re doing; be prepared to hit the water like a pro with the following strategies.

Select the right paddleboard

You can’t be on your way to a good start without the right tools of the trade. Begin by selecting a stable paddleboard that will give you the extra support you need to balance properly. At VayK Gear we provide paddleboards that are sized to be a great option for beginners and the more experienced.

Don’t be too eager to jump into turbulent waters before you get your balancing right. Instead, start on calm and flat water. Selecting a board of the right size is key to starting off on the right foot.

Paddling tips

Start by gripping your paddle correctly. Place one hand on the top of the paddle and the other at the center of the shaft itself. Keep the blade facing away from your body and hold it in front of you as you move it back and forth.

To start stroking, keep your bottom arm straight and pull the top arm towards your body as you paddle. Your movements should be as if you’re pulling yourself past the paddle as opposed to dragging the paddle along the water. This will allow you to glide easily, maintain your balance, and avoid using too much energy.

Maintaining your balance

The key to avoiding frequent falls is to maintain your balance while on the board. First off, make sure the board is facing in the right direction. The fins of the board should be at the back when you begin to paddle. The level of water should be deep enough such that the fin doesn’t hit the bottom of the water, and make sure you position yourself at the center of the board.

As you get started, stay on your knees for the first few strokes. This will allow you to practice your movement and get comfortable with the paddle. You can then stand on one leg at a time and make sure your feet are in a parallel position to the stringer. While standing, bend your knees slightly for more support.

Make sure to use a leash

A leash keeps you attached to the board in deep waters so it doesn’t float away if you happen to fall off. To avoid the inconvenience of searching for your paddle every time you lose balance, get in the habit of keeping your leash on at all times while you paddle.