3 Easy Tips to Help Your Family Win Vacation

Posted by Erik Weston on 9:00 AM on May 27, 2018

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Work is hard. Vacation shouldn't be.

 1. WOW Your Children. (Really.)

It's a tall order. But we have the secret to ensure your kiddos are still talking about this vacation for years to come. 

End on a high note and capitalize on the "recency effect". Save the best activities and the fancy dinners for the last day of the trip.  Studies show that the final days of a vacation are more easily recalled so end yours with a bang! 

2. Make Vacation Feel Longer By Trying New Adventures.

Break out of your comfort zone and daily routine. Whether it's paddle boarding, sand castle building, or kayaking, stimulate your kiddos brain by throwing some new adventures into the mix.  Time will seem to move slower for you and your little ones if your brains are processing new experiences and adventures! 

3. Device Detox.

Okay - so you have to have your cell phone and maybe your work laptop, but ditch the kindle, the ipad, and the game console. Leaving the technology at home will let your brain detach from the "real world". Soak up the beautiful sunsets, the unforgettable family moments, and and be free to truly relax.  It's what vacations are all about! 


4. Pack Smart. Arrive Relaxed.

Save time and space by leaving your beach gear at home. Save 2.3 hours, 75 cubic feet of car space, and 11.7% on gas mileage by using your beach gear credit on umbrellas, bikes, coolers, and other bulky items that will arrive at your beach house the same day you do.  The real kicker? The extra space and avoided headaches results in 56% less backseat arguments.

Rent Your Beach Gear

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